BOUNDARYBoundary is a contemporary design showroom with locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco that focuses on French modern design. Their brands are iconic, and world renowned in design circles, including Christophe Delcourt, La Manufacture Cogolin, Maison Royère, Art et Floritude and more.

Dichotomy was tasked with creating a public facing identity for Boundary, and a program that continually communicates to and educates their target market.

We created the name for the company, and art directed the design implementation for the logo and all collateral materials to be used in print, web, and on the physical location itself.

Additionally, we created a content program that speaks to the overarching theme of what Boundary is, all while communicating the special nature of the collections that the showroom carries.

LFrank is a fine jewelry and accessory collection by Liseanne Frankfurt. After many years creating and selling her primary jewelry collection, she decided to launch a fine sleepwear and lingerie segment.

Dichotomy was instrumental in conceptualizing the collection presentation at launch, and incorporating that into communicate going forward. We created a web-based content program and printed materials to illustrate the link between both the jewelry and lingerie collections.

Additionally, we helped Liseanne create context for her brand, allowing her clientele to get a deeper sense of Liseanne the person as related to the pieces she designs.

Aeterna is a new furniture collection by Mario Gonzalez, designed and produced in Chihuahua, MX. Having studied film in the States (and making film in the States), he returned home to Mexico, and began producing furniture at the beginning of the Covid pandemic in an effort to do something that felt tactile and visceral. His father was a well known wholesaler of wood in Chihuahua, so Mario started there - making elegant wood pieces he designed and in a workshop he now owns. Aeterna has come a long way in a few short years, which of course presents it’s own set of challenges.

Dichotomy is helping Aeterna with a wide swath of things. We started by creating a style of communication, both written and visual, to better present the brand to his target audience(s), which include both end users and top interior designers internationally. Additionally, we ammended the collection’s pricing structure, and are assisting in product development in categories Aeterna has not yet produced. Aeterna is a dream project as we are able to assist on a variety of levels, with a brand that is successful and reaching toward their next peak.

Grid Partners is a shop and showroom in Los Angeles for motorsport safety goods. While this may feel like a departure from the above, motorsport is a luxury proposition with a clientele as specific as any luxury goods customer. 
This project was all inclusive: Dichotomy named the business, and curated the art direction and design to speak perfectly to a time and place in motorsport, all while feeling wholly modern. Additionally, we assisted in curating the products the shop would carry - all iconic brands with long histories in the sport - which gave the context needed to the burgeoning client base that the shop was professional and educated on the subject.

On the subject of education, we created content and in-store programs that gave clients not only information on the products sold, but also information about how to approach their motorsport hobby. We also consulted on the design of the showroom, and concepted Grid Partners branded merchandise.

This is only a sampling of what actions have been taken for these clients. For more specific information about these projects, or any project, please get in touch.